‘Getting messages across with graphs’ by Jean-luc Doumont (Updated)


Dear colleagues


I am sending this email to remind you that we have organized a workshop entitled “Getting messages across with graphs” for tomorrow Tuesday December 8th, from 15:00-17:00 in the room ChE-Collegezaal A, located in the Chemical Engineering department (capacity 200 people); the speaker will be Jean-luc Doumont, an internationally recognized expert on effective communication. Here are a summary of his talk and the link to his personal webpage:


Although widely used in research to analyze data and to communicate about them, graphical displays are still poorly mastered by researchers, who often use the wrong graphs or use them in the wrong way (and popular software does not exactly help). Based on Dr Doumont’s book Trees, maps, and theorems about “effective communication for rational minds,” this session discusses how to choose the right graph for a given data set and a given research question, how to optimize the graph’s construction to reveal the data, and finally how to phrase a useful caption.




I personally attended two lectures given by Jean-luc at the last SPIE conference which was held in Munich last June, and I can assure you that he is a great speaker with a lot of interesting ideas.

PLEASE use the following website to register, it is important for us to have an estimate about the number of people which will participate:




I attach a flyer that contains a more detailed presentation about the speaker and the talk.

I hope many of you will be interested and will join us.

Best regards,


Luca Cisotto


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