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Dear All SPIE Student Chapter members,  ASML is organizing an inhouse Day on 24th Nov. You can find the detailed information in the link below.  https://www.asml.com/careers/for-students/inhouse-day-at-asml/en/s32360?rid=47487  The event will start from 2:30 P.M. till 8:00 P.M.  For those who would like to attend, SPIE Student Chapter will offer you a […]

Invitation to ASML inhouse Day on 24th Nov. 2016

On 13th September 2016, we’ve elected our new board members of the SPIE Student Chapter, TU Delft. The new members are: President: Ying Tang Vice-President: Priya Dwivedi The current president Mr. Luca Cisotto, will continue his career in ASML, and therefore will not continue his work in the board.  We would […]

New board members of the student chapter elected

All members, SPIE Student Chapter, TU Delft, is organizing a seminar talk. The speaker will be Dr. Arie den Boef, currently working as ‘Research fellow’ at ASML and is the person for bringing the Yield Star product in ASML. Yield star measures structure printed on wafers. ASML, based in Veldhoven, Netherlands, […]

Seminar Talk by Dr. Arie den Boef from ASML

Agora is one of our activities and it takes place every two weeks. Everybody is welcome to join! Just have a look at the location and date of the event! Location: the Optica’s Journal Club,  E009, Van der Waalsweg 8, 2628CH Delft. Time: 12:15, Friday, 11th Dec, 2015. Christmas edition of Agora to be announced.. to be announced.. […]

Agora Calender of Season 2015-2016

Dear members and non-members, Next month we will arrange a lecture from an external guest, Jean-luc Doumont. Hopefully the topic of the talk will be interesting for you no matter if you are working in the optics field or not! Subscribe to our website and get the newest update! See you guys! […]

lecture given by Jean-luc Doumont